Your tithes, offerings and donations will help this Mission to preach the Gospel and reach out to the needy all over the world.
Living Faith in Christ Mission is a registered non–profit Christian Community and all offerings and donations are tax deductible.
Receipt will be issued to all the givers on request (for tax clearance purposes).


When making a bank transfer to our Mission´s account, please choose from the following references and specify for which purpose.


  1. Offering
  2. Tithe
  3. Donation
  4. Project Support

Kindly use the following Bank information for all your tithes, offerings and donations if you cannot bring them personally:

Thank you and may God bless you.



Name:                        LIVING FAITH IN CHRIST MISSION e.V.

Bank:                         Volksbank Heilbronn eG

Account / Konto:      0423492004

Bankleitzahl:             62090100

IBAN:                        DE09 6209 0100 0423 4920 04

BIC/SWIFT:              GENODES1 VHN