Founded in Heilbronn in September 2018 as part of our Vision to reach out to the world, Voice of Hope is a non profit music group aimed at inspiring our audiences through divers rhythms and tunes that reflect positively on all music lovers irrespective of age, gender and racial differences.

Our primary message is delivered to our audiences through our songs of Hope, Joy and Love.
Most of the lyrics might sometimes be unknown but the rhythms are melodious and the feeling touches the souls of the audience.

We are an open group, and we welcome everyone to join us if you share same aspirations of making the world a better place for all regardless of our common socio-cultural differences.

We sing to enliven souls, bring smiles on faces. That is our aspiration and our Joy.


MAIN ORGANISATION: Voice of Hope is an initiative of Living Faith in Christ Mission (LFiCM) e.V. in Heilbronn, Germany.

LEADERSHIP: This group is coordinated by the Music Director, Mr. Eniola Gogo